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January 11 2020

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If you just bought home a new puppy then You've probably made one of the best decisions of your life and decided to adopt a puppy.

Dog puppies are simply the peak of sweetness, curious and cute fur lumps.

They will always be ready to play and go crazy and of course chew everything.

With a list of such dogs, you won't have any surprises to bring your dog home

Before we start with the recommended newborn equipment list, it is important to recognize that puppies are just like young children, do not yet have a full understanding, so even though they are doing damage (and they probably will) is not worth getting too angry with, it is not their fault.

It is also advisable to explain to them through positive and negative verbal reinforcements what is forbidden and what is allowed.

Now we will turn to the practical part: What to buy for dogs?

If you're still figuring out whether to bring a new puppy to the house, the following video will make you make the right decision (see Warning)


Puppies are naughty and disciplined, without anything to restrict them, they can run away and disappear, the collar allows them to be held by the hands or with a leash.

In the absence of identification marks, people may think that the dog does not belong to anyone, so a collar is extremely critical, especially if the dog has not yet had a chip implanted.


If the dog escapes and gets lost without a collar with a phone number and no chip, the chance of it coming back to you is very small. This is a great resource for finding the best collars.


We recommend buying a size-adjustable collar so that it can serve you longer.


The leash will allow you to walk the dog on the street without holding it in your hands and allow it to roam and sniff as it pleases.


The expected size of the dog should be taken into account and bought a suitable leash, puppies grow very quickly, and if you buy a leash too small, after a few months you will have to replace it with a leash to fit the new puppy's weight.



If the puppy is particularly small and delicate and certainly of a small or small breed, it is advisable to place a collar instead of a harness which will apply less pressure on the neck and allow control of the puppy's chest.


Dog Ramp

If you want to make your dogs life easier than one of the most helpful things you can buy is a dog ramp for your dog. This will make life much easier for him, and we’ll help him move over the house easily, then making him more happy. This is a great resource for finding the best dog ramps.


Bowl of food and water

Puppies play with everything, if they get a makeshift bowl without a sturdy base and non-slip rubber, they will turn it around and spread the water and food all over the house.


A stainless steel food and water bowl specifically designed for puppies will do the job well.

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